Hi, you've reached my personal site, a quick one pager about me.


I'm an experienced SPA Javascript OO Programmer and use the latest techniques such as Promises to produce class leading applications for web and mobile platforms. I recently showcased my personal project Igaro App at the MelbJS conference and have 1.0 coming out as soon as I find time to update the documentation. I built a CMS for managing BlackMagicDesign's website content using AngularJS. I've also worked as a Senior Perl Engineer for Binary.com. Check out my CV on LinkedIn.


I'm a British Qualified Secondary school I.T teacher holding QTS. I've taught in maintained and non-maintained schools from the ages of 11 to 18. Below is a sample of work my Year 8 (12yrs) class produced for a GCSE course using Blender. Alternatively, try Pacman (Firefox only!), as developed by a group of my Year 10 (14yrs) students.


If I'm not working, I'm exploring. I've rode a scooter through the Middle East to India, and I've ridden a bicycle through South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. I've published a book on my experiences, On Two Wheels available in paperback and on Kindle.


[ my initials ] @igaro.com